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  • Battery
    • Once battery is fully charged take out of  docking station
  • Deleting Order
    • Delete all old orders


  • If your PPC becomes unresponsive you can try the following:
    • Take scanner out for at least 30 seconds, then put back in
    • If not already, dock PPC for at least 1 minute, then take out
    • Turn power off for 30 seconds, then turn back on
    • If  there still is no response then please contact the office and ask for extension 316
  • If your scanner is not responsive you can try the following:
    • Remove scanner for at least 30 seconds, the reinsert it
      • If there is not a immediate response to this then press the scanner button located on the left side of the PPC
  • If your backlight turns off you can try the following:
    • Go to START, then TODAY, and move the bar under the symbol that represents a light bulb. This should be located in the middle of the screen to the right side.
  • If your screen realigns itself to landscape you can try the following:
    • Go to START, then SETTINGS, then the SYSTEM tab, and tap on SCREEN. You can change the orientation from here. Click on ok at the top and X out of settings to get back to your screen.

Instruction Manual for Pocket PC

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